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PM Netanyahu Speaks to National Defense College Students

Photo by GPO
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, met with students at the National Defense College and briefed them on the opportunities and threats stemming from the changes in the region. He noted five main challenges facing Israel: The Iranian nuclear threat, cybernetics, missiles, borders and the arming of the region with conventional weapons.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that as of now sanctions had not achieved the desired result, i.e. the halt of Iran's nuclear program. On the cybernetics issue, he noted that Israel was among the world's leading countries in the field. On missiles, he emphasized both active defense measures (intercept systems) being developed by Israel and passive defense. On the issue of borders, the Prime Minister said that infiltration constituted a threat to the character of the state and, therefore, it was important to build the fence in the south, which even before its completion is aiding in the significant reduction in the number of infiltrators crossing the border. (Since the start of the month, approximately 250 infiltrators have been detained. Those who cross the border no longer reach Israel's cities.) On the issue of the arming of the region with conventional weapons, the Prime Minister said that one had to take into account that weapons supplied to given countries is liable to fall into irresponsible hands.

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