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Kibbutz Metzer
Five people were killed and three injured when terrorists infiltrated Kibbutz Metzer, near Israel's pre-1967 border with the West Bank, close to midnight Sunday and opened fire. Police sources said that the bodies of three adults and two children had been found. According to initial reports, it appeared that the terrorists entered a home and opened fire, after first firing on kibbutz members walking from the dining room to their homes. Israel Radio later reported that three people were killed in a home and two near the dining room. The security coordinator at the kibbutz spotted at least one of the terrorists and opened fire, but failed to hit him. Large numbers of police and Border Police, who used flares to light up the area, searched the kibbutz after midnight, with the help of a helicopter, but it appeared that the terrorists had succeeded in fleeing the kibbutz. Residents were confined to their homes and security forces imposed a blackout on the kibbutz, which is located on the Israeli side of the Green Line, north of Tul Karm. There have been a number of warnings recently of plans to carry out an attack at Metzer and security forces recently held a drill with residents there.
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