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Terms of Use

The Prime Minister’s Office (hereafter: the Office) offers information through an on-line service/internet website (hereafter: the Service) in accordance with the following conditions.  The term “user” as follows indicates any person who contacts or connects to the Service.
Creative Rights
According to the creative rights legislated in Israel, and in accordance with international treaties, the creative rights of Office publications, including those published in this Service, belong to the State of Israel.  These creative rights pertain to, among others, texts, photographs, sketches, maps, sounds, videos, graphics and application programs (hereafter: the protected material), unless explicitly determined that the creative rights over the protected material belong to another body.
The user is permitted to make “fair usage” of the protected material, in accordance with the rules determined by law.  “Fair usage” includes reasonable quotation of the protected material.
The body making the quote, as aforementioned, must indicate the source of the quotation, if he is from the Office or any other body.  The user must not make use of the protected material in a distorted or damaging manner, nor change it in any other way, or undertake any action that belittles the value of the protected material which may damage the dignity or reputation of the owner of the creative rights.  In accordance with the legislation pertaining to creative rights, the user is forbidden to copy, redistribute, re-broadcast or publish protected material without prior approval in writing from the Office.
Contacting the Office
Any query pertaining to this Service, and other questions relating to activities under the purview of the Office may be asked directly of the Office by e-mail, at the following address: webmaster@it.pmo.gov.il.  Answers will be provided as soon as possible, and no later than 14 days after receiving the e-mail.
The Service is offered to the public “as is”.  The State of Israel bears no responsibility for adapting the Service to the needs of the user.  As such, the State of Israel bears no responsibility for mistakes presented in the material on the Service.  The State of Israel bears no responsibility for changes made to the material on the Service by the user or any third party.  The user alone bears responsibility for the manner in which he uses the Service.  The State of Israel bears no responsibility for any damage caused to the user or any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the Service, including damage caused by using the application programs directly downloaded from the Service or operated as a result of using the Service, including Internet applications (such as – Java, Active-X, JavaScript).  For the purposes of this section, “the State of Israel” indicates the Office, its employees and its representatives.
This service includes links to other sites.  Their instructions apply to the use of these links and do not supercede the terms of the use.  The links are only for the convenience of the user.  With regard to links to external sites which do not belong to the State of Israel (a third party site): if not otherwise mentioned on this site, there are no legal or commercial relations between the Office and the owners of the third party site and the Office has no control over or rights to the material found on those sites.  The State bears no responsibility for the content of third party sites.  There can be no assumption that links to third party sites constitute an authorization, recommendation or preference, by the State or the Office, of the linked sites, including documents or any other material therein, to the operators of the sites or to products presented therein.  At the time of inclusion of any links in this Service, the information found on the linked site corresponded to the goals of the Service, and the link itself was operational.  It is possible that over time changes have been made to the linked site.  If the user finds the site or material linked to unsuitable, or if the link is found to be inoperative, the user is asked to notify the webmaster.  Furthermore, if the user believes there is an additional site which is relevant to the topic of this Service, he is asked to notify the webmaster.
Privacy Notification
Personal information provided to the Office through this Service, will be kept private in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Privacy of 1981.
Official Publications by the State of Israel
If a contradiction or inaccuracy is discovered between the material published on the Service and official written publications by the State of Israel, only the aforementioned official published material will be considered accurate.

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