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- Government Press Office

- President of Israel

- Israeli Governmental Advertising Agency

- National Security Council

- Ministry of Public Security

Suggestions for links to other sites

Ministry of Finance -  The website of the Ministry of Finance coordinates a significant portion of governmental internet activity, and is considered as a pioneer among government offices in providing services to the public.  It is possible to review current information through the News-Spokesman’s announcements system.  On the Ministry’s website, there are many interactive services, including calculators, parliamentary questions, electronic trade applications, forms, etc.  Some of the services are provided by Authority Divisions: The Customs and VAT Division, The Taxation Authority and The Capital Market Division.

The Ministry of Internal Security –The Ministry acts to assimilate advanced administrative methods in the branches, advance projects, primarily in the fields of construction and advanced technological means, as well as to concentrate and direct studies and polls related to the branches activities.

The Atomic Energy Commission – The Atomic Energy Commission website includes varied information regarding its fields of activity and those of nuclear facilities.  The website presents Israel’s stand on international topics related to atomic energy, and its ties to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Further, local studies and publications in the field of atomic energy can be found on the website, as well as information regarding Israel’s international activities in the nuclear fields, updates on health issues, job safety and preserving the environment, and the spokesperson’s announcements.

The website includes photographs and provides the possibility of coordinating tours at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.


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