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Government Secretary

The Duties of the Government Secretary

The Secretary is appointed by the Government, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s recommendation.

As head of the Government Secretariat, the Government Secretary is responsible for its work and is involved in all its fields of responsibility:
• The Government Secretary is responsible for setting the agenda for the Government meetings and the Ministerial Committees. To that end, the Secretary has a staff which assists him in this complicated task. Additionally, the Government Secretary maintains constant contact with all members of Government, and in this framework resolutions proposed for the Government and the Ministerial Committees are coordinated.
• The Government Secretary acts as the Government Spokesperson, and is thereby responsible for briefing media representatives at the end of the weekly Government meeting. The Government Secretary’s briefings to the press can be read on the page “Government Secretary Announcements to the Press”.
• The Government Secretary bears responsibility for liaising between the Government and the Knesset, and fills this position in coordination with the Minister Responsible for the Liaison Between the Government and the Knesset.
• The Government Secretary briefs the President of the State on the activities of the Government on a weekly basis.
• The Government Secretary follows-up on the implementation of Government Resolutions.
• The Government Secretary carries out other tasks designated to him by the Prime Minister.

The Current Secretary – Mr. Zvi Hauser


Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

Received license to practice law

Diploma studies – Built Heritage Studies, Tel Aviv University (not completed)

Work Experience:

April 2009 – Present   
Cabinet Secretary

2000 – April 2009    
Partner and Head of the Media and Communications Department at the law firm of Goldberg, Levi, Eran, Meiri & Partners

2008 – April 2009   
Member of the Management Committee, the Council for Preserving Heritage Sites in Israel

2008 - April 2009
Member of the Management Committee, the Council for Preserving Heritage Sites in Israel

2006 – April 2009   
Member of the Public Council for the Commemoration of Benjamin Zeev Herzl

2004 – April 2009   
Member of the Board of Directors of the "Otzar Mifalei Yam" Company (Tel-Aviv port)

Member of the Board of Directors of the "Dori Media" Group

2002 – 2005    
Member of the Board of Directors of the "Mikveh Israel" Company

Member of the Public Board for Determining the Future of Educational Television Broadcasts in Israel

1997 – 1999   
Chairman of the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasts

Chairman of the Administration for Regulating Broadcasts for the Public

Member of the Management of the Israeli Academy for Cinema

Chairman of the Israel Audience Research Board

1996 – 1997   
Senior Adviser to the Minister of Communications

Coordinator on behalf of the Ministry of Communications for opening the broadcasting market to competition

Coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Director General's Committee for opening the communications market to competition

Observer Member of the Public Board for the Expansion of Broadcasts to the Public

Member of the Inter-Office Board for Regulating National Radio Broadcasts

1995 – 1996   
Pinchas Marinsky & Co Law Firm

1993 – 1994   
Media Adviser to the Chairman of the Opposition (Benjamin Netanyahu) and the Likud Party

Media Adviser to Companies and Organizations in the framework of a private company

1992 – 1994   
Member of the Disciplinary Court of Appeals, Tel Aviv University

1992 – 1993   
Spokesperson for the Union of Students in Israel

1991 – 1992    
Aide to the Chairman of the Management Council – Amidar Company

Aide to the Director-General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (on labor matters)

Military Service:

1987 – 1989
IDF School for Leadership Development

Last position – Platoon Commander of the Unit for Public Affairs

1986 – 1987   
IDF Absorption and Selection Base – Department of Selection and Regular Posting   

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